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i know that this seems long, but its really imprtant, so if u could just read it :) thanks.
okay, so u see most harry potter fans have read the books and watched the movies growing up. they practically "grew up" with harry potter as a part of their lives. i didnt. im 15, and this was the year (2013) that i decided to read all the books cuz before that i was all "ugghh just stop talking about harry potter! its so confusing"....however, i read the books in a week opposed to most ppl who read them growing up. BUT they changed my life, my thinking and my perspective. in a way i did grow up with it, and i stuck with harry until the end :) so, thats all i had to say , thanks again, for reading, and follow if u want :)


when i say i’m an introvert i don’t mean that i’m ‘just a poetic soul so romantically alone woe is me’ i mean that i actually hate people and i hate myself for hating people


petition for jeff padalecki, josh ackles, and sasha collins to make a tv show called “paranormal” where it’s exactly like supernatural but instead of actually killing anything they run away crying.





*does laundry but like in a punk way*


*does laundry but in a musical theatre way*


*does laundry but in a un-natural way*


in case you forgot the name of this life ruiner.


Can you hear that? No? Anyway, buy Oreos!


do any millionaires follow me that are bored



How the hell did it get on the light

jumped from the door

Chris Pratt told me that if the Guardians could team up with the Avengers he would pick Captain America. Who would you like to team up with?

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